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2013-02-10 06:10:05 by Akle

Stay tuned for more digital paintings :D But first, let me introduce myself,

Im a student from Malta who majored in something which has nothing to do with art: Maths and Physics!! oh the joy....

I had art classes at secondary school and it was pretty fun, but then came my final exam and that was not really fun. So then I decided no more art exams coz it ruins my experience, as I would be painting for an exam not for self discovery (or what its called).

At the age of 13 I got my hands on flash and I soon started designing and doing very simple animations. after I got a very good idea of flash (though I suck at ActionScript) I moved onto Photoshop. My first reaction was: this is just like flash but different! :D

So some people got to know at school that i do some designing and animating and I ended up being the media director for the annual soiree without anyone asking me. I said yes, and to sum it all up, a few months later I said: "Those were the worst words I have ever said, ever." It was an awesome show in the end and I got to see all my work on a BIG ASS LED matrix screen, which was 9 m wide.

Everything was self thought: Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and After effects. Even how to use and setup the LED screen with the video switchers and splitters. For some reason they assumed that the guy who did the animations was expected to control the screen and configure it too! Because of this show I had to buy the Intuos 5, awesome graphics tablet but now I'm a hobo.

I am also into filming and video editing, I do some voluntary work within my local community.

In other news..... I just got FL studio and Ima learn music production.....


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2013-02-10 10:36:00

I have logic, but I want fl.

Akle responds:

I have heard that FL will launch a mac version :D Apple software is good, but I prefer Adobe and Imageline.


2013-03-04 16:03:06

I have a similar background, my education was in biochemistry and all along I just wanted to draw and create and so I threw the science out the window and began writing :D
Do what makes you happy dude!

Akle responds:

Hahaha I agree with you but, I must say I still love science. And technology is such an important part of my life but this is my passion. :D